Wednesday, May 27, 2009

God is so good...

What a big day it is for us to celebrate. We've had many of those lately. Yes we know we have many blessings to celebrate each and every day, but you know what I mean and where I'm going. 1 year ago today (by the day not by year. being it's been 1 year I guess I notice it more on the day instead of the date), so 1 year ago today Jeffery and I got to walk out of Baptist Hospital with our sweet sweet precious Lyndon with us in the car seat. WOW!! Gosh, the tears keep coming as I share this. But is was such a special day. It had been a very long awaited day. With the 3 weeks on bedrest and then the 10 days in the NICU we had been waiting for it. We were so blessed and even surprised when this day came. Although it was a very difficult 10 days, we were expecting longer. But our little fighter worked so hard. As all 1st time parents are, we were very nervous along with that excitement. Along with the usual stressed of a newborn, Lyndon's eating brought a few more. But he did so good. And here we are a year later. I began singing a song to Lyndon in the hospital and sing it to him all the time with joy in my heart. And the words to that song is over flowing from my heart today. Thank you God, You truly are so good!!

His going home outfit. That's really a shirt not a dress...he was so tiny. Weighing in at 4.1 lbs that day.

Here we go sweet boy

He was so excited to leave he even woke up

My parents wanted him to have a good welcoming home


April said...

God is good!!! He is so precious! I miss you! You will have to bring Lyndon for a kiddie park visit!

Melodie said...

for sure a date to remember.